About us

We are a local takeaway restaurant located in Mississauga, Ontario, serving fresh and unique Eastern Mediterranean dishes ranging from baked, goods, pizza, and pastries. As one of the establishments, Halal quarter, we take pride in bringing authentic Middle East fare to the community with a menu that is different options like vegan and halal food. Our passion for baking stems from our Middle Eastern traditions and our love for our culture. The Owner and the main chef Jihad "Abu Yousef" has been working in this industry since 1996, he worked in a lot of big restaurants in all over the world for instance, Canada, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, and Syria. One of the main reasons for the popularity of Manakeesh is its affordability along with great taste. In Lebanon, some have even humorously nicknamed it "the poor man's food". Come by Dough Master today to try some of our delicious manakeesh at a traditionally-affordable price! Besides that, we have Yousef Abu Arab caaka will take you back home.